Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ho Hum Ho Hum, It's off to work I go....

So, Rachel was right. She said that I would get a blog and not keep up with it. I haven't done a very good job, but I thought that I would give it another go.
I am officially back to school. Woohoo! I am overwhelmed already, with grad school (even if it is one class), regular school, moving my classroom, all our fertility stuff, and the normal back to school crap it has been crazy around here. Right now our only "free" days are monday, saturday and sunday. AAAAHHH, it seems like we don't get any time to just veg.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Basket Bingo

BASKET BINGO is Oct. 5th this year. Tickets are $25, there will be a dinner served. It is at the Elks Club in Waynesboro. Call me if you need a ticket.

Aug. 17

Just finishing up our trip to Johnstown. Brett and Bill just got an XBox 360 so needless to say I am a video game widow here as well as at home. Last night we went to Scott (Craig's brother) and Nicole's wedding. It was very pretty and we wish them all the best. I love going anywhere with my husband that he has to get dressed up and dance with me, two of his least favorite things! We had to leave Grover at home this time. I was very sad, I cried the whole way to Greencastle. Dad and Rachel were our babysitters, Dad had to sleep at our house because Grover couldn't sleep at their house. He misses us, so sad, I miss him. I have to go for an MRI this week because some of my levels from my pituitary gland were high, please keep us in your prayers, you all know how much I love needles. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will start our fertility pills soon after and the pills to counteract the PCOS. Caity is worried. She watched Discovery Health the other day and one of the shows said that couples on fertility drugs are more likely to have multiples, she said she doesn't think that we are ready for more than one baby. I asked her if she would help me, she said she would come stay at the house and help with everything except changing diapers.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aug. 14

Today I went to a workshop on Autism. Christie was the presenter, it was very interesting. We watched a really good movie titled "Mozart and the Whale". It is about two autistic people that fall in love, the dynamic that they have toward each other is really interesting because neither one of them show emotion well. I think it is interesting that in a "normal" relationship fights or disagreements happen when we do not show emotions well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just starting out...

I was excited when I read my cousin's blog. It seemed so easy to keep track of everyone and show what is going on with us. I am not very good at keeping up with my journal so hopefully I can keep up the blog. Craig, Grover, and I have been in the new house for a couple of months now. We love the way it turned out. I will say, it is not easier to keep a new house clean. Yes, it is summer, but I still hate to clean. We have finally finished getting the rooms done, we still don't know what we are going to do the office. It doesn't function and we have stuff everywhere. Grover loves running up and down the steps to the basement, today was the first day that he actually went down and explored without one of us going along. Hopefully soon I will take some pictures of the inside of the house to put on the blog. Bye for now, Sarah